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SF Expo – All of Your LED Lighting Needs

Добавлено: 24.01.17
Автор: nagolosua
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SF Expo – All of Your LED Lighting Needs
Purchasing LED lights is not as easy as other lights. You should know some basics of LED lights. However it is not a rocket science, but one should spare some time to take correct decision.

After deciding brand, product, color and watt, biggest question arise is quantity or number of led lights needed. Consumers rely on their interior designer or previously experienced person in this decision, and ask them how many led lights do I need? sfexpo.org help you in this matter.

The amount of Light Required:

Amount of lights is always personal preference, just like the color shade of your wall. But at least minimum amount of required light and well distribution of light should be considered.

More lights: What if you install more than required lights? Most of the consumers think we can install more and cheap lights, and then we can switch off unnecessary lights. Remember LED lights should be used at maximum to get full return of your investment. If you can do dimming, it would be great in this case.

Less lights: What if you install less lights to save money? You won’t get enough illumination. You need to install more lights but not possible due to interference in interior design or due to electric connections.

Amount of light is measured in lumens & Lux. Lumen is intensity of light, while Lux = light amount per square meter. Almost all of the lighting products mention lumens in their description. So you need to decide how much lumens you require.